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Twin Gables FAQs

What is the down payment?

A non-refundable, half-down payment is required when your event is scheduled.  The remainder is due 60 days before your event.

Servers in a buffet line?

Twin Gables Event Center can provide servers in a buffet line as an added option if you would like.  Pricing is based on how many servers you would need in the line.  

Is there a security deposit?

Yes, there is a $1000 security deposit due 30 days before any event.  At this time is when you pay for extras that you would want and for any fees.

Maximum capacity inside

Our price includes up to 200 guests.  For additional costs our maximum capacity inside is 250 guests with nobody sitting on the dance floor.  For 250 inside and a tent with more guests outside, we quote for total guest count.

What payment is accepted?

We accept cash, check, certified check, money orders, and Venmo

@Deb-Schrock-1.  The last 4 digits of my phone number is 4794. 

Do i need to provide liability insurance?

Yes.  At this time, an event liability insurance policy is required from Chupp Insurance Agency in Sturgis Michigan.  It is set up for our venue already.  This needs to be done 4 weeks before your event.  

Contact:                     Chupp Insurance Agency, LLC

Agent:                         Victoria Tison

Address:                      70380 S. M-66, Sturgis, MI    49091

Phone:                        (269) 651-8400


Email for problems:

What time will I have access to the venue?

On Friday & Saturday weddings, you are allowed access to the barn at 10 a.m. till 11 p.m.  On Sunday weddings, you are allowed access to the barn at 10 a.m. till 9 p.m.   Of course, extra time can be purchased beforehand to access earlier or stay later.  Music and bar stops at 10 p.m. on Friday & Saturday and 8 p.m. on Sunday.   This can also be extended if you purchase extra time.

Can I bring in my own caterer?

You are welcome to choose your own caterer.   Food must be fully prepared off-site, unless there is something like a food truck.   Catering must leave the kitchen how they found it.  There is a fee if this is not done based on the time spent to do that.  It is a catering kitchen used to get the meal out.  If catering wants to use the kitchen to wash their own things for example, time can be purchased for that.

Can I do my rehearsal at the venue?

Absolutely!  Rehearsals are allowed on the Thursday prior to your event and you will get one hour FREE of charge.  Rehearsals are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.  It is limited to outside, since set up might be happening inside the barn.  The barn will be locked.

Are linens and place settings provided?

We charge $5 per person for our white dry cleaned tablecloths (floor length), white china dinner plates, & silverware.  We charge an extra 75 cents per person for cloth napkins (black or white and multiple colors), 50 cents per person for a salad plates, and $1.50 per person for a glass goblets.  If you want our white floor length dry cleaned tablecloths alone, it's $25 per table.  If you want black shorter tablecloths, its $15 per table.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

At this time, we require that all alcohol be purchased and served by The Liquor Cabinet.  This could change for 2024.  This includes rehearsals.  All alcohol must be served by a certified tam and tip certified and insured bartender.   Anyone under 21 is not allowed to be served alcohol.  Shots and drinking games are not allowed.  Pitchers or beer and bottles of wine are not allowed in the possession of guests or on guest tables.  No outside alcohol in the barn, parking lot or dressing rooms.  "Last call" is not allowed.  Doubles are not allowed.  Any deviation from this could result in loss of the security deposit.

Can I bring my own decorations?

Please do!  We want your personal touch.  Decorations may not be nailed, glued, screwed, stapled, pinned, or taped to the barn or to the floor.  We allow painters tape.  We have eye-hooks throughout the barn and pergola for hanging.  Confetti, paint, hot glue, and glitter are not permitted.  Natural flower petals are permitted.  You will find that not much decor is needed at this venue.

What about 

Vendors must have a signed waiver that is provided with the contract for liability.  Proof of insurance  must also be provided 2 weeks before the event from vendors.  This both can be emailed, or mailed at least 14 days prior to the event.  A minimum coverage should have a limit of 1 million per occurrence & 2 million aggregate.  In addition, our venue must be listed as additional insured on the policy. 

What about bussing tables & end of night cleaning?

If you use our dinnerware and don't choose us to bus for you, persons over 16 must be provided to bus and scrape dishes back to the kitchen.  All disposables must be put in the garbage containers from the tables after the bussing is done. This takes 3-4 people approximately 3-4 hours depending on size.  (This can be done by us for a $500 fee).  We do the washing.  

What about candles?

Fire is not allowed.   Fake candles are absolutely fine.  We do allow the wedding party to do a sparkler photo given the crowd is cooperative.

Rental Items

Anything we rent can not be brought on the property.  This includes things like golf carts, side by sides, & barrels.  You can bring your own table settings, as long as they are throw away, and tablecloths. 


The barn is a non-smoking/non-vaping facility. There is a designated outdoor smoking area.  Marijuana is not allowed.   No Cannabis is allowed.  If we smell or find Marijuana or Cannabis anywhere on the grounds, your security deposit will be forfeited.


The barn is handicap accessable, including the restrooms.

Overnight parking

For the safety of our guests and neighbors, we do allow overnight parking to those who feel it is best not to drive. Vehicles must be picked up by 10 a.m. the next morning.  We are flexible with this if there is not a wedding the next day.

Catering Questions

Catering is limited to bringing 4 heating/cooling containers into the kitchen at one time.  A cemented space right behind the kitchen is provided for the rest.  We don't allow parking or grilling on the cemented space behind the kitchen.   We supply a wonderful parking area right off the kitchen for catering.  The commercial sinks are for Twin Gables Event Center staff.

Will there be staff on site?

A staff member(s) will be available during the event to address any questions.  They are not coordinators or event planners.  Parking attendants will also be provided.

Night Pics

There are some wonderful pictures to be had in the courtyard at night if your photographer will stay.  And the large arch people walk under as they enter is all lights at night.

How to get here and what to expect?

Address:  26380 M-86. Sturgis, MI    49091

We pull the flags by the road as soon as the wedding starts because we like that we are hidden.  People miss us all the time, so if you are coming late, you will have to keep you eyes open for us.  

What to wear:  We can be completely climate controlled if the bride chooses. (heated or cooled).   If she does not choose this, we are not climate controlled.

Smoking:  We have buckets around outside.  Please smoke at those locations.

Handicap accessible:  We are handicap accessible, including the bathrooms.

High chairs:  We have 2 high chairs.

Overnight parking:  For your safety, we allow overnight parking.  If there isn't a wedding the following day, we don't care what time the next day they are picked up.  If there is a wedding, any vehicle left must be picked up by 10 am.

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