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Usage Items

Usage items are paid in advance or on event date with cash/certified check/money order. 

Charger Plates-Gold, Bronze, Rose Gold, & Silver
(These are heavy metal charger plates)
$2 Each, We Have 200 of Each Kind

Wedding Barn West Michigan
Wedding Barn West Michigan
Wedding Barn West Michigan
Wedding Barn West Michigan

Barrels & Table Tops
Inside or Outside
Placed for You

Wedding Barn West Michigan

We can Take Guests from Car to Pergola and/or Barn
We Provide Driver
$100/Hour with 1 Hour Minimum

Wedding Barn West Michigan

We Have Several Drapes That Match Inside Barn
We Don't Hang But We Take Down
We Provide a Ladder, Please Bring Zip Ties
There are Several Eye Hooks for Hanging Flowers
$40 per Drape

Wedding Barn West Michigan

Tablecloths-White Floor Length Dry Cleaned 
Dinner Plates-China, White
& Silverware  $5 PP for all 3
Or Tablecloths alone are $25 per Table

IMG-2960 dinner plate etc.jpg

Bistro Napkins (Larger)
Black on White
White on White
75 Cents Each


Black or White Cloth Napkins
50 Cents Each


We Have Glass or Plastic
3 Gallon
$25 Each


100 Cup Coffee Makers-2
$30 Each


Glass Goblets
$1 Each


Salad/Desert Plates-50 cents each
2 Yedi 85 Buckets in Barrels-$40 Each

Bus & Scrape Dishes, Clear Tables of Garbage -$400
Tablecloths-$25 Per Table

Air Conditioned Banquet Hall -$300/Day
Heat in Banquet Hall -$250/Day
Extend Your Day-$200/Hour(
If you want to come in before 10AM or stay later than 11PM)

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